Sedation Dental Services for Anxious Patients in Chilliwack

We offer sedation dental services that are designed to help ease our Chilliwack patients' experience of a long dental procedure or to help anxious patients receive dental treatment. 

Anxious Patients

For some people, their nervousness or fear of dental procedures may stop the free getting treatment they need. This fear is sometimes from a childhood experience, and the thought of dental work may be enough for them to choose to not do it. Unfortunately, issues like this may not go away on their own. With this in mind, our dentists offer our patients sedation dentistry services that may help ease their anxiety.

Our Dentists' Approach

Dr. Wisam offers dental sedation services that can help ease your dental experience and may help anxious patients feel more relaxed. Sedation options are designed to offer anxious patients a means of receiving dental treatment.

Using a variety of techniques, we strive to help anxious patients relax before, during and after their appointment. We may help ease your anxiety about dental care. You can learn more about sedation options here.

What are sedation dental services?

Intravenous Conscious Sedation, or I.V. Sedation, is referred to the process of administering a drug into a patient’s body to help them to undergo a dental procedure with a feeling of relaxation and ease. Commonly, the drug used is an anti-anxiety drug.

Some anxious patients choose to have sedation to deal with their dental work. Sedation can be as simple as listening to your iPod or as complicated as full general anesthesia in a hospital setting. Between these two examples are laughing gas, oral sedation or intravenous (I.V.) sedation.

How does it feel to be sedated?

Patients can report feeling calm and relaxed when administered upon by I.V. sedation. Dental offices sometimes refer to I.V. sedation as “sleep dentistry”, however, patients should not confuse the term with being put to sleep.

Patients remain conscious throughout the procedure and are able to understand and respond to requests made of them.

Patients generally do not remember the procedure after the effect of the drug is over.

Sedation Dentistry Services in Chilliwack

At Young Street Dental, we strive to be careful when performing dental procedures.

If a patients reports any discomfort during a treatment, we can take steps in an effort to correct it. We strive to be be Chilliwack's family dentists. 

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