Teeth Whitening in Chilliwack

Looking for a lighter smile in Chilliwack? Young Street Dental offers both in-office and take-home teeth whitening kits! 

Our office offers our patients teeth whitening. It is a process that can remove stains and alter the appearance of your smile

How does bleaching work?

Hydrogen peroxide in the form of 35% carbamide peroxide at a near-neutral pH is the active ingredient. As the carbamide peroxide mixes with water and is activated by the blue LED light, hydroxy free radicals (Oxygen atoms) penetrate the tooth enamel to help break down stains and dissolve discoloration.

Is it safe for tooth enamel?

We generally use a gel at a pH of 6.5 which is virtually neutral. In addition, Xylitol is added which will increase saliva flow to mineralize the enamel during the whitening process which can help reduce sensitivity. Potassium nitrate is also added to help reduce potential sensitivity as well as being an additional oxidizing agent.

What about crowns, veneers or tooth-colored fillings?

All of these restorations can stain over time to depending on a patient's habits like smoking, eating, and drinking. If the porcelain crowns or veneers have been stained, then the bleaching process may help remove the accumulated stains. Tooth-colored fillings will not whiten by the bleaching process.

Will my teeth be sensitive?

Many people report little-to-no tooth sensitivity. In order to help protect the gums from sensitivity or blanching during the whitening process, a light cured liquid rubber dam is applied to the upper and lower gums at the front of the mouth. This help to provide some added safety when using the gel. Usually, any sensitivity that does occur will be from bleaching gel oozing out of the tray. Rinsing with water after the session will remove this from the mouth.

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Tips From Our Team
  • At Young Street Dental, we believe prevention is the key to a healthy smile. We highly recommend an at home routine of brushing twice and flossing once daily to keep a healthy smile between visits.
    - The Young Street Dental Team

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